The directions of the research work of the department are very diverse. The objects of research are physical, mathematical, economic, social and other systems. Under the guidance of teachers and graduate students of the department there are students of various specialties who submit 15-25 reports annually at scientific and technical conferences at SSU and other higher educational institutions, as well as several reports at international scientific and technical conferences. Teachers and graduate students of the department annually publish scientific articles in specialized journals and collections of scientific papers, including articles that are counted in the Scopus database.

Every year students of the specialty take part in the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in the areas of "Computer Science and Cybernetics", "Mathematical Sciences", "Physics", "Information Security", "Mathematical Methods, Models in Economics" and "Military Sciences".

Directions of scientific research of the department:

  1. Mathematical methods for solving boundary problems of fracture mechanics of anisotropic, piezomagnetic, electromagnetically elastic materials with stress concentrators (Senior Lecturer Sushko T.).
  2. Statistical theory and molecular dynamics of non-equilibrium nonlinear systems (Prof. O. Khomenko).
  3. Mechanics of adhesive dynamic contact of nonhomogeneous materials with rough surfaces (Prof. Ia. Lyashenko).
  4. Modeling of nonlinear processes in relativistic plasma-like systems (Prof. A. Lysenko)
  5. The formation processes of nanostructured film systems, the study of nanocrystalline films of borides, nitrides and boridonitridov transition metals (Prof. A. Goncharov).
  6. Modeling of processes in complex special-purpose systems (Associate Professor I. Koplyk).
  7. Study of self-organization processes in distributed systems (Associate Professor I. Knyaz).
  8. Ellipsometric studies of the surfaces of amorphous alloys (Associate Professor V. Karpusha).
  9. Topology and geometry of submultiples (Senior Lecturer I. Kozlova).

Recent dissertations:

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