Graduates of the Sumy State University of Ukraine majoring in Applied Mathematics can engage in the following activities:

 Activities in the field of informatization:

  • Consultations on informatization (advising on the type and configuration of computer hardware and the use of software: analysis of information needs of users and the search for optimal solutions);
  • Development of standard software (development, edition and selling (sale, rental and (or) licensing) of system software packages, service programs and game programs).

 Other activities in the field of software development:

  • Consulting on software development issues and assistance with technical aspects of computer systems;

  • Development of individual software (to order) and adaptation of software packages to the specific users needs;
  • Web development;
  • Provision of services for system analysis, programming and maintenance.

 Data processing:

  • Data processing using user software or personal software;
  • Full processing, preparation and data entry;
  • Long-term operation of computer equipment owned by other users;
  • Providing space on the web.

 Activities related to data banks:


  • Providing data in a specific order or sequence by selecting or direct access to data (automated data entry): data can be available for all or for a limited number of users and sorted to order;
  • The publication of any information on the Internet, including books, newspapers, magazines, if they do not have any other form of publication than the Internet;
  • Creating databases in operational mode "on-line";
  • Creating directories, address lists, etc. in operational mode;
  • Activities related to web search portals.

 Research and development:

  • Basic research: scientific theoretical and / or experimental activities aimed at obtaining new knowledge about the patterns of development of nature, society, humanity, their interconnection, without any specific purpose associated with the use of this knowledge;
  • Applied research: work aimed at obtaining new knowledge for the purpose of their practical use, as well as for the development of technical innovations;
  • Experimental developments: a systematic activity that relies on existing knowledge gained from research and / or practical experience, aimed at the production of new materials, products or devices, the introduction of new processes, systems and services or a significant improvement of those that have already been produced or introduced into action.

 Research and development in the field of natural sciences:

  • Systematic study and creative efforts in the above three types of research and development in the fields of natural sciences (mathematics, mechanics, physics, astronomy, computer science and cybernetics, chemistry, biology, geology, geographical, agricultural, veterinary, medical, pharmaceutical sciences, etc.);
  • Research and development of a diversified nature.

 and may hold primary positions:

  • Data Scientist;
  • Machine Learning Engineer;
  • business analyst;
  • software engineer; 
  • Big Data analyst;
  • specialist in artificial intelligence;
  • Researcher;
  • Lecturer.

Our graduates occupy the positions of analysts, researchers, programmers in banks, firms, universities, insurance companies, research teams. Graduates of the specialty are first-class scientists who work in many universities and research institutions in Ukraine, Russia, England, Spain, Germany, Sweden, the United States and others.

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