Specialty "Applied Mathematics"


The Department of Applied Mathematics and Complex Systems Modeling provides training for:

Entrance examination program

  • PhDs students in the specialties:
    • 113 "Applied Mathematics" in the educational program "Applied Mathematics";


Entrance examination program

    • 104 “Physics and Astronomy” according to the educational program "Physics of the Condensed State".

Entrance examination program

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Applied mathematics is a branch of mathematics that uses mathematical methods, models, algorithms, software for research, analysis, designing processes and systems in economics, engineering, science, medicine, business, computer science, industry, etc.

The rapid development of computer technology opens up new possibilities for solving problems by methods of applied mathematics. Today, not a single serious problem is solved without building a mathematical and computer model. For applied mathematics, a computer is a tool with which it solves a problem.

Today, specialists are highly valued (including abroad) who, in addition to computer training, have fundamental mathematical training. Due to this, they are able not only to write the program code of the task, but also to set, formulate new tasks by means of mathematical modeling in any fields of activity: from humanitarian to military. Such specialists are trained in the specialty "Applied Mathematics" at SSU.

Students of Sumy State University with a degree in "Applied Mathematics" have the opportunity, together with a SSU diploma, to receive a diploma from the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany) as part of a double degree program.

The graduating Department of Applied Mathematics and Complex Systems Modeling works closely with the leading IT companies in the world: Netcracker (USA), PortaOne (Canada), MindK (Ukraine). These IT companies conduct courses for students in the computer classes of the department. At senior courses, students can work with these companies together with their studies, which makes it possible to get the first practical work experience during their studies.



Training of specialists in the field of applied mathematics is aimed at the practical application of mathematical methods and means of modern IT technologies in solving a wide range of tasks in various spheres of human activity: industrial, economic, banking, scientific, military, medical, computer technologies, etc.

Throughout the study, students receive fundamental mathematical and computer training that allow them to develop mathematical models, algorithms, create and use software, formulate, solve and generalize practical problems in their professional activities using fundamental and special applied methods of mathematical and computer sciences.



Fundamental mathematical training, professional knowledge of hardware and software parts of computers, modern computer technologies – this is the base that graduates of the specialty "Applied Mathematics" receive.

With the expansion of the IT technology market in the world and Ukraine, and in particular in our region, the range of job opportunities in the specialty "Applied Mathematics" is increasing every year.

Graduates are employed in foreign and domestic firms, research and scientific teams, banks, industrial, commercial, insurance and financial companies. They can occupy the following positions: mathematician-analyst, software engineer, system engineer, computer network maintenance specialist, system programmer, computer data analyst, computer software developer, database administrator, analyst in scientific and technical, banking, financial, informational, consulting, marketing, etc.


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